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ABOUT "When..."

After speaking at a Take Back The Night event, founder Megan Rae, was approached by numerous students looking for advice on how to support a loved one, resources on where to go, and victims/survivors looking for a safe environment to share their experiences. Hosting a BA in Theatre Performance and an MA in Gender and Women's Studies, Rae launched "When..." as an interactive theatre performance to address how society responds to violence and can revictimize a victim.

Shortly after the success of touring the theatre production, Rae expanded to provide presentations and professional training on a variety of topics:

Sexual Violence, Queer Identities, Bystander Intervention, Rape Culture, Eating Disorders and Trauma, Domestic Violence and Homelessness, LGBTQIA+ Victims of Crime, and

Theatre of the Oppressed.

Sticking to the interactive method of education, Rae positions her methodology in valuing voices of marginalized communities through critical thinking, active discussion, and improvisational role play. Rae has presented in arenas such as the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault annual conference, Ramsey County Attorney's Office CSC (Criminal Sexual Conduct) training, 40-hour advocacy training for sexual assault advocates, numerous college and education settings for students, and training peer professionals on how to make further impact through interactive training. 

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"When..." was created after an outreach of college students came forward looking for an alternative way to take back their voice and make a difference around sexual assault awareness.

ABOUT the Founder

Megan Rae Headshot

Calling Minnesota home, Megan Rae has traveled across the country providing energetic and engaging presentations and training. Rae has the unique ability to create dynamic environments around intense subjects, making them digestible and relatable. 


Rae has been recognized with the following awards throughout the years:

Outstanding Student Leadership Award, Leadership in Action Award, Women of Courage and Vision Award (3x)

Outside of presenting/training and curriculum conception, Rae works at SOS, Sexual Violence Services with Ramsey County, MN. She currently has launched a new reporting program called, On My Terms that allows for victims/survivors of sexual violence to report directly to an advocate and decide how far they want their case processed, including opting out of a formal investigation.


Additionally, Rae worked as the Advocacy Program Manager at The Sexual Violence Center, The Legal Advocacy Supervisor at the Domestic Abuse Project, and Missions Inc Community Programs providing direct services and program development to support primary and secondary victims of violence.

"These are difficult and necessary things to talk about, especially in our post pandemic social climate where the needs of the community are vast and urgent. People either want to join the cause, feel deflated not knowing what to do, or possibly just don't care. I had to find a way to reach them. So, I use humor and energy."

Some Highlights!

Rape Culture

Augsburg College,

St. Paul, MN

Working with Marginalized Communities, Panelist

Hennepin County Probation,

Minneapolis, MN

Working with Victims/Survivors with an Eating Disorder

Sexual Violence, Center,

Minneapolis, MN 

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