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"When..." offers professional training to those working in a variety of social work fields. Specializing in relationship violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, consent, bystander intervention, eating disorders and trauma, PTSD, gender identities, and valuing marginalized voices Rae provides hands on training fostering inclusion and sensitivity. 

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Combining a BA in Theatre Performance and an MA in Gender and Women Studies, Rae utilizes improvisational acting and active discussion to engage communities to take action and practice bystander intervention tactics to create a lasting cultural change. Fulfill your college Title IX requirements with an innovative approach with "When...".

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in the conversation.


Keep your business and community educated and informed by facilitating professional conversations around our current social justice movements such as The #metoo Movement and how they effect not only those who identify as victims/survivors, but our social climate. 

Megan Rae, owner and founder



The performance has surely inspired many to become active bystanders to think critically about our responses to violence.

Laura Schultz

Violence Awareness and Response Coordinator, MNSU



I came to the see the show based on the positive reviews, but I had no idea it would be so entertaining. The integration with the audience was such a unique and engaging experience.

Wes Schuck 

Film Producer




In order to stay current in an ever changing world, When...creates personalized curriculum for each training to make it applicable to you and meet your specific needs. 



I've been a professor for nearly 25 years, and Megan Rae is one of the best speakers on gender-based violence I have had the pleasure of working with.

Tamara Berg, PhD

Professor and Director, Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Program 

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