Presentation Packages

Each presentation is specifically designed for you! In order to received a price quote please contact Megan Rae directly. 

Available Topics 

Sexual Violence

Relationship Violence


Bystander Intervention

Sexual Harassment

Rape Culture

Theatre of the Oppressed

Gender Identity

Queer Survivors of Violence

Supporting Student Survivors in Academia 

Eating Disorders and Trauma


Practicing "Mindfulness"

Professional Self-Care

Most large-scale presentations also include a train the trainer session of your choice. Below are two examples of suggested bookings. 

Example A: Sexual Violence 101

This is an excellent example for college campuses looking to create an active cultural change.

Topic: Sexual Assault, Consent, Bystander Intervention Training

Length: 90 minutes

Number: 3 presentations/same day

Reason: Sexual Assault Awareness Month event

Location: University of North Carolina

Demographics: 2 presentations for college students, 1 presentation open to public

Audience size: Approximately 150 per, open presentation unknown

*Added Train the Trainer*

Topic: How to Support Our Students, The Effects of Trauma

Length: 60 minutes

Number: 1  training

Reason: N/A

Location: University of North Carolina

Demographics: Closed to staff and faculty members

Audience size: Approximately 20 

Example B: Eating Disorders and Trauma

This is an excellent example for professionals working with those who identify as having an eating disorder and have experienced trauma. 

Topic: Brain Chemistry, Eating Disorder, PTSD

Length: 90 minute presentation

Number: 1 training

Reason: Advocacy training for advocates of victims/survivors of sexual assault

Location: Blue Bench Advocacy, Colorado 

Demographics: Sexual Assault Advocates

Audience size: Approximately 50 

Theatre Performance

The original theatre performance, "When..." is still available for booking. It is a phenomenally powerful performance that holds popularity during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Due to the specific requirements of a production, please contact Megan Rae directly through the contact page for more information.